Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Regan Cameron

This week I spoke with a classmate named Regan Cameron. Regan is a first year at Cal State Long Beach who is studying communications, just like me. She commutes from Downey and has three sisters, two older and one younger. Since she has been alive, Regan and her family have owned five German Shepherds.

In her free time, Regan enjoys participating in photography, reading, going to museums, and just driving around the Los Angeles area. She loves the Harry Potter books and the Series of Unfortunate Events books, as well. Regan approves of the Harry Potter movies, since she believes they did a pretty good job following the books.

If she was an animal, Regan would be either a dog or dolphin, since she loves being in the water. Her favorite animal is a dog and the movies she enjoys the most besides the Harry Potter series are “Pride and Prejudice” and the Wes Anderson movies. “The Office,” “American Horror Story,” and “Awkward” are a few of Regan’s top tv shows.

Her ultimate goal is to be a museum curator for a contemporary art or history museum. Lastly, Regan’s summer plans are to overall relax. She wants to get a job and is currently looking for internships for photography studios, museums, and galleries.
Regan’s website: Regan Kate Cameron

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