Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

I loved this week’s art experience! Since we haven’t had the opportunity to draw/sketch very much this semester, I was excited to hear that we would be taking part in sketching in the Japanese Garden, as well as taking photos. Our job was to sketch 6 drawings in total, 3 representational and 3 abstract. We also had to take 6 photos while visiting the Japanese Garden, also 3 representational and 3 abstract.

The top row of photos are representational. I decided to take the first shot of the beautiful landscape. Then the other two are of specific objects, such as the waterfall and one of the many trees. From left to right, the photos decrease in regards to how close I held my phone. For example, the first photo is a pretty wide shot, next I focused on the waterfall, and then I ended with a very closeup shot of a tree branch.

The second row of photos are abstract. Since it’s a little hard to fully understand what they are of, I will explain each of them. The first is of the unique water fountain, the second is of one of the stone lions at the entrance of the garden, and the third is of one of the doors that I found had an interesting design.

The third row contains my three representational sketches. It took me a little while to figure out what objects to sketch. However, I finally settled on a stone Japanese lantern, the stage overlooking the koi pond, and the unique water fountain. The fourth and final row contains my abstract sketches. They symbolize a seat of a chair, the panel of a door, and a hanging lantern.


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