Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Eddie Castillo

This week I spoke with a classmate named Eddie Castillo. Eddie is a first year at Cal State Long Beach, who is majoring in political science. He commutes from Huntington Beach, CA and spends his free time doing several diverse activities. These activities include playing badminton, participating in community service for a program called “Circle K,” and interning for Representative Long Beach.

Eddie shared with me that he is a fan of a variety of foods. He loves shrimp and it does not matter how it is cooked. Japanese and Vietnamese food are other types Eddie favors. He explained how he is not the biggest fan of Mexican food, since he ate a lot of it growing up and is a little tired of it. Eddie chose dogs over cats and listed several tv shows when I asked for his favorite one. These tv shows are Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Office, and Breaking Bad. His favorite art experience we have done so far was geocaching.

If Eddie could have dinner with someone who is no longer living, he would choose Franklin D. Roosevelt. The one question he would ask FDR would be, “What made you run for President?” Lastly, Eddie’s ultimate goal is to run for office. He wants to go to law school and eventually become a Senator.

Eddie’s website: Eduardo (Eddie) Castillo


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