Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Media: mixed media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: (no website)
Instagram: @nickbamf4d

For this week’s Artist Conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Bamford. Nick is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program. He grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and actually took classes when he was in high school, which is where he found his passion for ceramics and ultimately decided he wanted to study it in school. Nick has enjoyed art ever since he was a little kid and is the only member of his family who chose to pursue a career in the arts. His hobbies include painting and sculpting and just working on various projects. Nick’s artwork explores the ideas of taking items from their original contexts and then putting them into different complexities and uses of lights.

Nick’s artwork involved mixed media. The gallery looked very different than the ones in the past, since the lights were all turned off inside. This time, the sculptures were the lights that illuminated the room with black lights and a bunch of random items, such as a shopping cart, flags, fans, and bells. These objects had many straight lines and both smooth and rough textures. The artwork involved a variety of colors like pink, green, blue, and orange.

Nick’s pieces explored two ideas: 1) taking items from their original contexts and 2) putting them into different complexities and uses of lights. The inspiration behind his artwork was just to try something new with lights and to experiment with different forms. Nick wanted to take his work onto a different level. For example, a shopping cart is used to store items that a person wants to purchase while they continue to shop. Yet in Nick’s artwork, he changed the context of the shopping cart and instead utilized it to hang other items. He is not afraid to be different and highly enjoys doing the unexpected in a creative way.

I really enjoyed this week’s Artist Conversation, especially because of the lights. This element was a very unique aspect of Nick’s artwork and I really appreciated his desire to be different. I admired his passion to do something out of the ordinary by taking something and change its context. This action completely changed my view on each of the objects and allowed me to come up with a new perspective. His artwork resonated with me, due to my similar interest to try new things and be different, be an individual. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things, since it is a passion of mine to incorporate fresh elements into my life.

Artist Tag: > Gatov-West



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