Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


This week’s Art Experience involved each of us creating an “Art Care Package” for another person in our art class. We drew little pieces of paper from a hat to discover which one of our lucky classmates would receive our package. I was a little confused at first as to what type of items to put in the package. However, I looked on my classmate’s website to learn a little more about them and ultimately discovered their love for Star Wars. Therefore, I decided to put various items relating to “The Empire Strikes Back” and the Millennium Falcon. I had many printouts of pictures about Star Wars leftover from a project in one of my other classes, which I thought was very ironic. I really liked how I was able to relate to my classmate through the subject of “Star Wars.”

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat, since the receiver will not know what they have received until they open the package or the Snapchat. Therefore, there is a sense of mystery to every ACP and every Snapchat. However, sending someone an ACP is different from sending someone a Snapchat because although social media is highly convenient, it also is not very personal. An ACP is a much more intimate way to connect with another person. This is because you take the time to gather items to send to another person, which is more sincere than a Snapchat. I believe ephemera can be precious, it just depends on the person, since every person has a different definition of the word “precious.” I also believe it does gain value overtime. This is due to the fact that I appreciate vintage things. I think it is so cool to inherit items from past generations, such as a necklace that I received from my grandma. These objects are definitely very precious and are sometimes even priceless or irreplaceable, which makes them even more precious.

I do not believe there is a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the ACP you send to someone. This is because art is art. The location of the art does not make it any more important. Art is beautiful in many different settings. The time and effort it takes to make an ACP means much more than taking a Snapchat. Although the process takes longer, it is more meaningful than a simple Snapchat. An ACP does contain a different level of love compared to a Snapchat, however both types do have the possibility of encompassing genuine feelings.


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