Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Valerie Laslo

This week I spoke with a classmate named Valerie for this week’s Artist Conversation. Valerie is a 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach, who recently declared as a Criminal Justice major. She is an only child and has a very short commute to campus everyday, since she is actually from Long Beach. However, Valerie shared with me that she wants to move away from Long Beach, and possibly even California.

When she is not studying or working on homework, she spends her free time outdoors. Whether Valerie is hiking, snowboarding, or skiing, as long as the activity is set outside, you will probably see her there. She took this class since it sounded like a really fun elective. Valerie loves animals and even has two pets: a cat named Cheetah and a bunny named Star. Unfortunately, Star is going to a farm on Sunday. 😦 Valerie shared with me that there was a cat with three kittens living in her front yard. I found this so interesting, since my grandma had the same thing happen to her. She also had a stray cat living in her yard with her kittens. A fun fact about Valerie is her favorite Disney character is Stitch, from “Lilo and Stitch.” This is another thing we had in common, since Stitch is my favorite character too.

Her ultimate goal is to be a Game Warden and she is taking her first steps toward this by interning with the Bureau of Reclamation this summer. Valerie explained she will be leading tours during the summer, where she will be close to Glacier National Park and the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Lastly, the art experience she favored the most was the “Plaster Casting.” Although Valerie’s mold ended up looking more like coral than her hand, she had a lot of fun doing the activity. Her mom made fun of how her “hand” turned out.

Valerie’s websiteValerie Laslo



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