Wk 12 – Artist Conversation -Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: printmaking, digital print, ink, Photoshop, camera, epson printer, paper, paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: no website
Instagram: no Instagram

For this week’s Artist Conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Jennifer Chen. Jennifer is a student in the School of Art’s Printmaking Program at Cal State Long Beach. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology, which explains why her two main interests are art and biology. Jennifer has worked for companies of a variety of sizes, which focus on the topic of health. Her interests lie on a wide spectrum of activities. For example, she is interested about the merging of art and even works at CSULB and her work reflects this. Jennifer has interests outside of the biology world that will help her evolve in a different way. She ended up switching her major, since she wanted to reflect and discuss various ideas with people in the arts. The program she is currently a part of is an outlet that allows her to express herself, as well as find connections. Jennifer plans to teach an Art 270 class next semester and her work explores the idea of “succession.” She explained how to her succession symbolizes a disturbance in a landscape, such as a fire or a flood and as time passes, the land evolves. Jennifer went further and shared the example of weeds transforming into shrubs and trees.

Her work involves a variety of media and materials, such as ink, Photoshop, a camera, an epson printer, and paper. She focuses on printmaking and digital print. Jennifer revealed she either prints photos from Google Earth or takes the pictures herself. Next, they are printed on silkscreen. Then she masks it to create a stencil from Photoshop and then paints from there. Gloss is utilized to create the three-dimensional look and she shared either a Alpha lens or a Mark 370 is involved in her process. Jennifer expressed that the type of camera does not matter because she uses the camera as purely a tool to capture photos. Besides this, the camera does not have much significance. Her art had an overall smooth texture and incorporated colors such as gray, green, and pink. There were not that many straight lines, just a variety of curved lines and shapes.

Jennifer’s exhibition emphasized the combination of science and art. Her artwork reflected her idea of the word “succession” and how an interruption, such as a fire or flood can have a big impact on the affected landscape. Jennifer’s work specifically deals with more modern urban landscape and how it took over the previous natural land. She presented both the microscopic and macroscopic aspects in her artwork through the magnified photos of tree bark and then the zoomed out Google Earth photos, respectively. Each piece is different and involves different photos. Jennifer experimented with painting and photography and as mentioned before, she shows the changes in nature from the modern world. The large pieces were done in four sections, depending on the color. Therefore, it took a week and then a few days for Photoshop. The bigger pieces were created to fill the space on the wall and the various sizes were encompassed to magnify something many people do not notice throughout their daily life. Lastly, Jennifer’s work explores the idea of succession and how a fire or a flood can disturb a landscape. Ultimately, the topic of evolvement is emphasized where weeds can eventually become shrubs or trees, due to a change in the land.

I really enjoyed Jennifer’s artwork and her exhibition. As I walked into the gallery, I automatically was drawn to her pieces. Without realizing it, I was moving closer and closer to the art on the walls, since the texture of the pieces really intrigued me. I was fascinated by her signature process and purely the overall message. I resonated with how she valued things that are less emphasized, as well as topics that are not as appreciated. I have never witnessed artwork that involved Google Earth images. However, this exhibition is one of my favorites, since I felt connected to it. When I was younger, I was really impressed by the evolvement of technology and how we were capable of seeing views that normally only birds see. Jennifer’s artwork reflected her interests of science and art and presented these ideas in a powerful, yet simple way.

Artist Tag: > Gatov-West


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