Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

GPS coordinates:

33°46’59” N
118°7’7” W

This week’s Art Experience was really fun and unique! I have never done anything involving geocaching. before. Therefore, I enjoyed the new experience even more. Part 1 was definitely harder than part 2, since it was a little difficult to find a cache. Either some of the coordinates were not correct, or someone took the cache, since I ended up walking all over campus to find one. The first two photos are of the cache that I found and the last two are of the cache that I made. Although finding a cache took some work, I had a lot of fun tracking them down through the geocaching app. Part 2 was also a fun experience, since I had the ability to put any little trinkets that I wanted into my Altoids tin. I decided to put random things, such as a Hulk bandaid, a penny, and a hamster eraser.

The two experiences did cause me to think differently about places and the different experiences and ideas that are mapped onto the places we inhabit. I have never realized geocaching was such a popular thing. As a result, because of this art experience I began to think of the many little Altoids tins that are hidden around campus and even further. There will always be places we have been and places that need to be explored. It just goes to show that what is show on a map is purely the bigger picture and if you desire to “zoom in” more, you will find things you never anticipated to discover.

As I refer back to last week’s art experience, our library emphasizes more on computers and Starbucks, rather than books. There are several different floors to the library and each floor focuses on a different level of studying. I believe the library can hold secrets dealing with relationships and friendships, which are topics that others may not think about. I know personally I sometimes study in the library basement and then end up talking to my friends about the latest gossip. Although we talk quietly, the library can still “hear” us and will forever hold the secrets my friends and I discuss. Therefore, I can “map” the vibe of gossip and other tidbits of more secretive information onto the geography of the CSULB library.


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