Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

We can document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages by seizing the moment with our eyes and purely remembering it to the point where it can ultimately become a memory. Since these types of experiences last for a very short amount of time, it would be most beneficial to capture these moments through a camera. I do believe words and pictures can capture an experience. For example, I have this one friend who records everything he does on his phone, similar to a journal. I on the other hand really like Instagram and use the app as a online photo album. Although these are just words and pictures, my friend and I are able to remember what occurred during that moment through the words and pictures. I do not think the style of the words or images matter, since within every word or image is a different interpretation. Each person has their own perspective, which determines whether or not the style makes a difference. Another way to share an experience with a person who was not there is to tell them a story. I am a big believer in taking pictures and capturing the most important moments. However, I do believe the act of documenting an experience can insert an experiential distance. For example, I went to a concert last year and wanted to make sure I would remember the experience. Therefore, I took a lot of videos. However, the whole time I was looking through my phone while I was taking the videos. I was not actually living it, which is something I do regret slightly. Not taking pictures in the Library and taking pictures in the Bookstore were definitely different experiences. In the Library I was able to just live in the moment and enjoy reading the children’s book. In contrast, by taking pictures in the Bookstore, I did not have the opportunity to actually observe the little things that I would have seen if I was not taking pictures. I really enjoyed this activity because it was different than the past art experiences. I had a fun time walking around campus and observing how places that should be focused on books, such as the Library and Bookstore, are now focused on other items such as Starbucks and CSULB merchandise. I now have the insight that our campus is pushing more for what sells or is popular, such as sweatshirts and coffee rather than books. Many students and faculty members go to the Library and Bookstore not for the books, but for the coffee and clothing.


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