Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Crysta Tim

This week I met a classmate named Crysta Tim. Crysta is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach, who is studying English. She originally was a Graphic Design major, but eventually discovered her passion for writing was much stronger. Crysta is a NorCal girl, from Napa and Sacramento, since she was raised in both areas.

When Crysta is not studying or doing homework, she loves to read, write, watch Netflix, and make art. She is a dog AND cat person, and actually has both types of animals in her family. Her aunt has a dog named Bella, which is a black lab and terrier mix and her dad has a cat that looks like a tiger. He is technically named Bullet, but everyone calls him “Kitty Boy.” As soon as I asked Crysta to name her favorite food, she quickly answered, “cheesecake.” I loved her answer so much! It was amusing, as well as a little unexpected. She explained that she specifically favors cheesecake with strawberries on top and buys this dessert from Costco. Crysta would love to travel to Amsterdam to witness its mesmerizing beauty in person.

Her top genres of music are R&B and Hip Hop. She enjoys listening to mostly everything, except for Opera and Techno. Crysta’s favorite flower is the red rose, which makes sense since her favorite color is red. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a movie she can watch over and over again, without becoming bored. If Crysta was an animal, she would be a panther, due to their elegant, stealthy and fierce natures. Out of all the mythical creatures she would love to be a mermaid and the animal she favors the most is the giraffe. This is because she appreciates their weird actions, such as fighting with necks, and how they are cute animals. Crysta believes the giraffe is the most awkward safari animal.

She decided to take this art class, since she wanted to be involved with various fun projects and receive some credit for it. Her favorite art experience so far was “Automatic Drawing.” Lastly, Crysta’s ultimate job is to be an author of fantasy fiction or poetry, and if this does not work out she would also love to be an editor at a publishing house.

Crysta’s websiteCrysta Tim


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