Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s Art Experience. Our assignment was to post at least four pictures of anything we encounter on a normal Thursday on our Instagram accounts, with the hashtag: #art110s16. This was one of my favorite projects we have done so far. I was intrigued by the fact that each picture we posted created a giant collage of various college students’ daily lives. It was very interesting to observe what people see and do on the same day.

I saw lots of pictures involving food, selfies, and nature. One connection between my own photos and other photos posted by classmates was the fascination of beautiful skies. Although we all witness the same sky, depending on the time of the day each photo was captured, variations of a typical blue sky are revealed. I decided to solely post my picture of the sky I see every Thursday during my walk back to the dorms. However, to further emphasize the connection I had with my classmates I would like to keep the specific photo hidden throughout the ten pictures, to ultimately stress how we relate, as well as encounter similar settings.

I did not discover any surprises and I believe although we are all individuals, the collage did seem like a community. As I discussed previously, our lives do have the ability to overlap. It is normal to experience the same points of views and I really like how this happens. I am delighted that there is a sense of community in our Art 110 class, because it is a necessity as humans to relate to each other and have some common ground.




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