Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Catherine Chin

This week I spoke with a classmate named Catherine Chin, who I have known as “Cathy.” I actually met Cathy years ago, since she and I grew up in the same city. We were always friendly and had mutual friends, but we never really hung out or had many conversations together. As a result, I chose Cathy to learn more about the girl I saw around my high school campus.

Cathy is a first year student at Cal State Long Beach, who is studying Molecular Biology. She is from South Pasadena and has one younger brother. Cathy lived in South Pasadena up until 6th grade and then moved to Arizona with her family for 7th and 8th grade, due to her father finding a new job. Her father helped run a Chinese restaurant in Arizona called “Yan’s Chinese Food” with one of his friends. She then came back freshman year for high school to finish up her schooling in South Pasadena.

Cathy was inspired by her suite mate to take this art class, since she heard the class involved a variety of fun and intriguing projects. Therefore, she not only would be fulfilling a GE requirement, but would also have the chance to experience new forms of art at the same time. When Cathy is not studying or working on homework, she spends her free time with her friends who are also a part of a club on campus called “KASA,” which stands for Korean American Student Association. Together they go out to eat and explore the various areas around the CSULB campus.

Cathy’s go-to food is pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. Although she could not remember the specific name of her favorite pho restaurant, she did say it was located in the San Gabriel area. The art experience she had favored the most was the week of “Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure.” Cathy chose coiffure and decided to die the tips of her hair pink. She had experimented with her hair before, so the process went pretty smoothly. Lastly, Cathy’s ultimate goal is to utilize her Molecular Biology background to do research or work with cosmetics.
          Cathy’s website: Catherine Chin

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