Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Metals (copper and silver)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: (does not have one)
Instagram: (has a personal one, but does not post her art)  

          This week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig, an undergraduate student who is currently encountering her last semester at Cal State Long Beach. Sean is working toward her BFA degree in the School of Arts’s Metal Program and is from the Los Angeles area, but is currently living in Long Beach. She used to call the CSULB campus home, since she actually dormed here for two years. Sean initially applied to CSULB to focus on creative writing poetry. However, she eventually switched to studio art. It took her two years to figure out that she wanted to pursue metals instead of drawing and painting. Sean expressed that metals is a new environment and she absolutely loves it. She spends her free time painting little pieces and making happy birthday cards for her friends. A couple of Sean’s interests outside of the art world are reading and gaming. She often finds herself in the studio experimenting with new materials. Sean is a cat lover and likes to keep active. This exhibition is actually her first show and her pieces explore a variety of ideas, such as her emotions and her daily life. Sean explores whatever project she is assigned at the time and enjoys injecting humor or emotion into her art. She finds inspiration in almost anything that she experiences. 

Sean’s artwork deals with a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes. However, there is one constant, the material. She solely utilizes metals, specifically copper and silver. Her pieces involve neutral colors of brown and black, as well as copper, silver, and gold colors. Smooth textures were present throughout all of Sean’s artwork. I was fascinated by her jewelry pieces, specifically. Therefore, I decided to focus on the pendant necklace, which was of a very dark taupe color. The necklace had a long chain and a circular pendant hanging from it. There were multiple pieces to the pendant. The outer circular border had a smooth, yet slightly rough texture, due to the paisley-patterned carvings. Then on the inside of the round border was another dark taupe colored circular piece of smooth metal. Lastly, a final piece of smooth metal lied on top of inner border piece. It was shaped like a circle, yet also had three pointy tips. There was detail inside of the circle, involving straight and curved lines.

          Sean’s metal pieces are about basically anything that she experiences. Whether she is being inspired by her environment or her daily life, she loves to explore a variety of topics, such as her emotions. She shared that nothing specific was on her mind when she was constructing the pieces. However, Sean does like to inject emotion and humor into her artwork to expose who she is personally. Random thoughts and pretty much any subject brings inspiration to Sean. She would start off with a concept sketch, discuss her project with her professor, and then make a paper model to understand how to construct it with metal. Then Sean would go straight into the metal making. She shared that she is not afraid to experiment with materials and utilizes absolutely anything she encounters to ultimately create the pieces we saw in the Werby Gallery. 

I really loved this week’s artist conversation. I was very intrigued by Sean’s artwork, since each of her pieces reflected her life. Therefore, as an observer, I had the opportunity to learn about her through her work. All her pieces put together was like a story and after walking around the gallery I discovered I enjoyed Sean’s story. Her artwork resonated with me due to the fact that she draws inspiration from her daily life. I too find myself using bits and pieces of subjects I encounter in my life to create my pieces of work. Whether I am working on an essay or writing a blog post for my communication class, I take advantage of my life experiences to further emphasize my arguments. Using subjects that happen to me personally produces a deeper impact in my audience, which reflects back to my work. Lastly, my favorite statement Sean made during the conversation was when she told us to not be afraid to experiment. Many times we can become too comfortable in a certain area, not anxious to step outside of our comfort zones. However, it is highly beneficial to explore other areas, since this step can ultimately open your eyes up to a new passion.

          Artist Tag: > Werby-Gallery


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