Eugene Fitzherbert


Hello everyone! My name is Eugene Fitzherbert. I currently call Moonbase Alpha my home, however it was not always like that.

A few years ago, I was a miserable, ugly purple minion working my normal shift at the local McDonalds. I was a loner and had no friends. The only time a girl would talk to me was when she was ordering food. One afternoon, I was cleaning up the supplies closet when I noticed something shiny hiding behind one of the shelves. I moved the shelves so that I could get a better look at this mysterious shiny object. I discovered the shiny object was a very small screen and on it it said, “Life change needed? Tap here.” I of course pressed on the screen right away because I hated my life. I was working a dead end job and had a life filled with rejection. As soon as I tapped the screen, the supplies closet room started shaking like crazy. I thought there was an earthquake, but I actually was instantly transported to a world called “Moonbase Alpha.”

Moonbase Alpha was a place where you could live out your dreams and where anything was possible. As soon as I opened the supplies closet door, I realized my appearance completely changed. I was no longer an ugly purple minion with furry skin, resembling a stuffed animal. I now was a handsome yellow minion who could rock a suit and tie. I absolutely loved Moonrise Alpha! Not only was I good looking now, but I also had my dream job of being a secret agent. I was an expert at martial arts and knew how to use a gun. I live in a mansion up on a hill and do not have a problem impressing the ladies. I pretty much am living that bachelor life, going on dates every week. All the creatures here at Moonbase Alpha are friendly and very social. We all own flying cars and I now have a ton of friends.

Check out the links below to learn more about the creatures of Moonbase Alpha.

CHIP 2000 and I are actually co-workers. He helps me out on my missions, since his super strength and other abilities come to my advantage greatly.
Patricia Sun, who now goes by Alpha Hero is someone I just met. She is a superhero who also helps me on my missions. However, I am hoping that this friendship turns into a relationship. I think she is so pretty.
Cathy is my best friend. She was the first person I met working on the job. Since her powers are not very strong, she cannot help out in major crisis situations. However, she is my go-to girl when it comes to helping a cat get out of a tree safely.

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