Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Rosa Velazquez

          This week I had the pleasure of meeting a classmate named Rosa Velazquez. She is a first year at Cal State Long Beach who is majoring in Business. Rosa is the oldest of three kids and has a younger sister and younger brother. Her parents are from Durango, Mexico and she currently has a short commute to campus since she actually lives in Long Beach. She shared with me that she really likes school, but does not like waking up early.
          When Rosa is not in class or studying, she works at a bridal shop and spends time with her friends. She loves dancing to Spanish music, since she does not really have the rhythm for music that is sung in english. Her go-to food is homemade tacos, which she actually gets from her house. Rosa has had bad experiences with taco trucks. Therefore, she just eats the tacos her mom makes. She likes making new friends and says she is always happy. 🙂

          I learned Rosa took this art class due to influence from one of her friends. She knew she  was going to learn a lot of interesting and new information about art. If Rosa could have dinner with someone who is no longer living, she would love to see her grandma again.  This is because her grandma was the best; she would always be there for Rosa when she needed someone to talk to. Rosa expressed that her grandma was like her best friend. Ultimately, it is her dream to own a Mexican restaurant.


Rosa’s website: Rosa Velazquez


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