Wk 8 – Art Experience -Automatic Drawing

This week’s Art Experience was incredibly interesting. I had never heard of “Automatic Drawing” and it was very different than anything I have ever done for an art class. My partner for this activity was my older sister Melanie. I decided to use a teal colored marker instead of a pencil so that the drawing would stand out against the white background. Initially, I was a little unsure of what we were supposed to do and how the whole process worked. However, we eventually were able to get it. I closed the curtain almost all the way to make the room a little dark. As soon as we closed our eyes, it became really awkward due to the silence. I thought it was so unusual to just sit there holding a marker, waiting for it to move on its own. Therefore, I started to laugh so we had to start over. This is why there is that random little mark to the right. We tried again and closed our eyes. My sister and I kept asking each other if the other person was moving the marker, since it was actually moving! I could not believe it. It took a little while for the marker to start moving, but we eventually were able to get a drawing out of it. Although the drawing is very small, I would still consider this a successful attempt at Automatic Drawing. After a while of just sitting there with our eyes closed in silence, our arms became very tingly and even began to fall asleep. This is why the drawing was so small. However, I am very happy with the results I received after opening my eyes. I always enjoy a new experience and this Art Experience was definitely something I have never done before. This is one of the many reasons why I love this art class. I am grateful I had the opportunity to try Automatic Drawing, since I do not think I would have ever come across this method of drawing on my own.


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