Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Lauren Williams


  1. Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
  2. Exhibition: Sacrifice
  3. Media: ceramic, rock, clay
  4. Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
  5. Website: mrsdubbayoo
  6. Instagram@andreawilliammms
          This week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Andrea Lauren Williams, an Undergraduate student in the Ceramics Program from the CSULB School of Art. She was born and raised in Riverside, CA and commutes from there everyday. Andrea shared that art and music have influenced her family for a very long time, since it was her parents’ desire to explore these topics. She played the drums since she was twelve and even used to be in a band. Andrea expressed how she misses playing shows, but does not miss the business aspect of being in a band. She chose to focus on ceramics when she was in her 20s and will graduate at the end of this semester. Andrea is currently a mom and has a variety of interesting animals, such as pigs, chickens, and dogs. Her artwork explores the ideas of religiosity, sacrifice of women, and the body and time of women, subjects she believes tend to go unnoticed.
 fkkfAndrea described the formal qualities of her artwork to be textural, loose, and very handmade. She used the terms “very handmade” because she applied the cement herself and her hands are used during every step of her process. Andrea’s artwork involves ceramic, rock, and clay. She does not smooth out her work, since she wants people to see her handprints and fingerprints. Only a few power tools are used. Each of her pieces consists of a background with a picture of a woman in her natural setting or some animals. The texture of these gray panels is very rough and bumpy. Then the surfaces of the also gray platforms are very smooth and are shaped like hemispheres. A variety of straight and curved lines are used on the gray cement panels.
o fkkfEach of Andrea’s pieces is influenced by her Christian religion and involves Christ and Mary. She described her artwork very simply, as “religious with a twist.” Andrea’s work consists of repetition and focuses more on texture and gesture. It took her one week to paint each of the panels and she loves working with cement because it is an easy substance. She shared that some materials can be toxic when being pregnant or a mom. Andrea’s artwork encompasses the ideas of religiosity and the sacrifice, body and time of women, which are topics she believes tend to go unnoticed. She hopes her work forces people to question their own personal view on religion and to question art overall. It is Andrea’s goal for her audience to think about a couple questions: 1) “Is religion and art theory based?” and 2) “What subjects are off limits and why?

 fkkfI was captivated by Andrea’s artwork! I appreciated how she decided to cover topics that are not commonly discussed in the art we see typically. The formal nature of her work, as well as her ideas resonated with me greatly. I loved how Andrea used textures of polar opposites, such as the rough and bumpy panels and then the smooth and slick surface of the platform. I also related to her incorporation of her questions, since it is my ultimate goal to bring questions to my audience and cause them to think about their go-to beliefs. Lastly, my life experiences have also connected with Andrea’s idea of women and their body. This is because as a woman, it is an important belief of mine to respect the various body types of women. They should not be used as a trophy, nor should they be objectified.


Artist Tag: > Gatov-West



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