Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

For this week’s art experience, I formed a group with two classmates named Cheryl Peng and Tiffany Van Gilder. We chose the topic of “yoga” and decided to teach our audience a few yoga poses, since it was our goal to be different and cover a unique topic. The three poses involved were the tree pose, cobra pose, and child’s pose. The process went really well overall. It took us a little while to decide on a theme. Originally, we were spitballing ideas, such as a music video cover, or even a recreation of a breakup scene. However, yoga ultimately became the top choice. We all enjoy doing pilates and yoga, so the poses were learned pretty easily. Cheryl, Tiffany, and I each chose one pose to share and then we switched off having two people on camera and then one person film. The lighting was great in my sister’s beautiful condo complex. There was a very calm natural feeling doing yoga outside, which is the reason why we did not film inside. I believe our video turned out great. We added in some soft background music to bring a more upbeat vibe and we also took out the unnecessary outdoor noises to ensure our voices could be heard. Maybe next time we could find a way to set our phones on a surface so that we all could be on camera at the same time. However, besides this I am very pleased with how our video turned out.

Cheryl’s website: Cheryl Peng  –  Tiffany’s website: Tiffany Van Gilder



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