Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s Art Experience was a delightful change from the other weekly art projects. I decided to follow Crysta Tim on her adventure throughout the various recreational sights of Cal State Long Beach, as I appreciated her vision to recognize the more hidden spots on campus, such as the bowling alley in the USU. We first hit the Lecture Halls and viewed the artwork that some perceive as a human heart, while others see a man with a shield. Next, we walked past the vendors across from the Bookstore, where students, or faculty members have the opportunity to purchase a variety of items, such as clothes or accessories. After, we headed over to the USU and captured photos of the outdoor seating area, where students hang out with friends or study. This is where I was fascinated by the beautiful arrangement of a fountain with plants, as the centerpiece of the outside area. I had never noticed this before, which is the reason why I wanted to include it in this blog post. Then we walked downstairs and observed students playing pool, as well as the other games, such as giant Jenga, bowling, and foosball. Our final stop was the fountain next to Brotman Hall, which interestingly symbolizes DNA and not dandelions.

I was looking for a few things in my photos. Firstly, I wanted to capture different types of angles. For the very first photo, I decided to be different and stand very close to the artwork and take the photo with an upward angle. Then I rested my phone on the foosball table to capture the angle that the ball experiences when being hit with one of the little men. Secondly, I wanted to include photos of items some may not always see, if they were in a rush. Some examples of this would be the hanging artwork in the USU lobby, the Lego man, and the beautiful flower on the centerpiece of the outdoor seating area. Lastly, I decided to take photos of my photowalk group actually experiencing our adventure with Crysta. It was my vision to not only include pictures of the various tour stops, but also give my audience the opportunity to see what I was seeing as I walked with my classmates around campus.

Crysta was a wonderful tour guide for the Photowalk Art Experience. I really enjoyed the structure of her tour, as in the order of the places she showed us and the spectrum of sites we explored. As I stated previously, I appreciated Crysta’s goal to reveal more hidden places on campus, that many visitors would not normally see, unless they were willingly to explore CSULB more thoroughly. Overall, I had a blast walking Crysta’s tour. However, a little more commentary of each of the stops would have made the walk even better. I do realize it is difficult to know interesting facts about each of the places, but it would have enriched the whole Photowalk experience for all of us. Thanks Crysta!



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