Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Tiffany Van Gilder

This week I spoke with a classmate named Tiffany Van Gilder. Tiffany grew up in Simi Valley as an only child. She is a first year at Cal State Long Beach and is  studying Journalism.

Tiffany was inspired by her former roommate to take this art class. She heard about all the various unique projects the class entails and wanted to join in on the fun! Music is Tiffany’s favorite form of art. She enjoys listening to almost every genre, except for Country. Her go-to band is “The 1975,” which she listens to through her Spotify account.

Lastly, for the spitfire portion of our conversation, I asked Tiffany a bunch of random questions to learn interesting things about her. Her hobbies include outdoorsy actions, such as photography, camping, and hiking. In her free time, she spends time with friends, watches Netflix and goes to the movies. “The Office” is Tiffany’s favorite tv show and “Clueless” is her favorite movie. When I asked her to pick a season, she chose Spring. If Tiffany had to choose one class she has enjoyed the most so far, she would choose “Journalism 110.” This is because even though it was difficult, Tiffany learned a lot about media, which she found captivating. If she could have dinner accompanied by a person who is no longer living, she would bring back her grandma. Dylan O’Brien is Tiffany’s celebrity crush and Extreme Cheddar Goldfish is her go-to snack. Her two favorite colors are light purple and maroon. Tiffany’s ultimate goal is to become an editor of a pop culture magazine, such as “Cosmopolitan;” event planning would be her back-up plan.

In regards to the art we viewed on Thursday, the necklace created by Krystal Ramirez was Tiffany’s favorite piece. She loved how it symbolized the shapes of dancing ladies and is definitely something she would wear.

Tiffany’s website: Tiffany Van Gilder


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