Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure


I had a blast working on this week’s Art Experience! I chose to experiment with cuisine, since ironically my sister and I planned to try meal prepping anyway. This is because we both have seen cute and creative ideas of meal prepping on Pinterest, which ultimately inspired me.

My vision was to plan out five lunch bento boxes for my sister to take to work, as well as try “meal prepping” for the first time. I bought silicon cupcake cups to organize the snacks in an orderly fashion in each tupperware. I decided to go with the silicon ones and not the typical paper baking cups, since they are more sturdy and can be used more than once. After, I visited Ralph’s and bought a veggie platter of broccoli, celery, carrots, and tomatoes. Strawberries, blueberries, and green grapes were added for color and for nutritious fruity benefits. Then to top off the variety of snacks, I bought mini pretzel thins and Circus Animal Cookies as little special treats. I had already baked cupcakes a couple weeks ago and had tangerines lying around. However, I also wanted to include protein to ensure my sis would not go hungry. Therefore, I cooked  quesadillas and cut pieces of cheddar cheese to be eaten with crisp crackers. The tupperware used in this experiment also happened to be in my cupboard so I did not need to spend money buying containers.

The first thing I did was lay down white paper on my coffee table, to create a clean background. Next, I placed all the snacks either in the silicon cups or directly in the tupperware, making sure every bento contained a veggie, a fruit, a sweet, and some sort of protein. Lastly, I positioned the bentos in an artsy way and labeled each one with a day of the week for the photoshoot. I presented my creation by surprising my sister after she came home from running errands. She was so excited that she ended up eating one of them completely. My sister also was pleased she had lunch prepped and ready to go for the upcoming week. I also invited more friends over to share my experience with them. They were impressed. Although they could not eat the bentos, they could eat the left over snacks, which made them very happy.

In the end, I did achieve my goal of creating five bento boxes full of light snacks and protein for my sister to take to work. There were a couple surprises. Firstly, I did not expect to have a lot of snacks left over and originally thought I needed more food. Secondly, the bento boxes actually turned out cuter and more colorful than I expected. I was a little worried as to how they would turn out, but I am so glad they got my sister’s approval, which I highly value. My experience was incredibly fun and interesting. I learned how to meal prep efficiently to ultimately save time during the busy weeks, as well as that it is possible to create healthy, light meals in a short amount of time. Next time, I would like to try setting a theme for each day. For example, Monday could be sandwich day and Tuesday could be fish tacos. This just means I need to set aside a little more time for the cooking part of the meal prepping process.



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