Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Megan Stevens

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This week I spoke to a classmate named Megan Stevens. Most people call her “Meg,” or even refer to her by her last name. She is a first year here at Cal State Long Beach and was originally a nursing major. However, Meg is currently studying psychology. She has three older brothers and is not babied, like most youngest siblings and is not even treated like a girl. Instead she is thought of as “one of the guys.”

Meg decided to take this class because it seemed like a really fun GE and  she wanted to learn more about art. Her favorite artist from the Student Gallery was Josh Vasquez. She believes people over-complicate death and enjoyed how Vasquez’s artwork represented death in a simple way. As he stated, “it is black or white.” Meg favored the two pieces, “Los Ojos” and “La Flor Muerta,” since she liked how discarded flowers and subtle colors were used.

Meg shared with me that her favorite type of art is music. She likes to listen to pretty much any genre, except for country music. Meg has played several instruments throughout her life. She started with the clarinet, but did not like it very much. Then she moved on to the cello and now plays piano as well. Meg was a member of her high school’s marching band, but realized it was not as fun as she initially believed. As a result, she chose to focus more on water polo and swimming than marching band.

I asked her to name her favorite food and she stated: Boiling Crab. She loves all types of seafood and said that her go-to dish is the whole menu. Meg expressed that the reason she likes seafood so much is because she grew up eating it. I learned that she is a dog AND cat person and has three pets: an overweight pug, a beagle dachshund, and a gray cat. Lastly, if she had to pick her favorite class out of all the ones she has ever taken, Meg would choose Comparative World Literature. The class is about “reading the world” and she finds it interesting to be exposed to literature from different parts of the globe.

Meg’s website: Megan Stevens


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