Wk 3 – Art Experience -Snapchat

I really enjoyed using Snapchat for this week’s Art Experience. Social media has grown in popularity over the last several years and Snapchat has arguably become the most popular outlet used to communicate. After completing this “Drawing and Sharing” project, I realized even though I do use Snapchat a lot, I do not draw very much on my photos. This surprised me because I have not been taking advantage of all the possibilities Snapchat has to offer. Having the ability to draw on and add text to your photos allows us to express our creativity and imagination to others. We all want to express ourselves and show others just who we are and Snapchat is a wonderful app where we can do this.

I received a variety of Snapchats from other people and ultimately chose to include the last two. It is so interesting to see what other Snapchat users do to enhance their photos as the new elements can completely transform the pictures. It also fascinates me how you can have a conversation through Snapchat. Many of my friends choose to ask me a question through Snapchat instead of through text. It was a bit odd at first, but now it has become the norm and I really like the change.

Although our artwork is very different, I do think my Snapchat “dialogue” with my Art110 classmates share a couple of the qualities of the famous conversations. John Berger and John Christie’s conversation emphasized on “color” and was even an “exchange of ideas on color.” My conversations can relate to this as color became an important factor in the exchange of photos. The colors used tell me a lot about my fellow classmates. The chosen colors could have been colors that stand out from the actual picture or could have even been their favorite colors. Interpretation is important when it comes to art and everyone has a different outlook on a body of work. My perspective on the photos I received could be completely different than what was intended, but that is what makes art so incredible.


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