Wk 2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

I had a lot of fun with this Art Experience, even though it did not go completely to plan. My idea was to do the “hang loose” sign with my hand, which is pretty hard to tell from my mold. I am not sure how it ended up this way, but my pinkie is pointy and all my fingers are much chubbier than I anticipated. Although my result was a little unexpected, the whole process was not too hard. The plaster dried pretty quickly so I was able to “marvel” at my odd creation right away. I have never done a type of project like this where a plaster casting is made in sand. However, I have used plaster for other projects, when I was in elementary school. One way to apply this project to my life is by using this process to make homemade sculptures as presents. Although this may be a bizarre gift, depending on the person, people do appreciate homemade items. I think it would be fun to practice making more complicated shapes and ultimately end up with really cool looking hand and feet molds.


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